Teacher Profile

Mrs Sarah Wright


I live in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, and am a home-educating mother of five. Since beginning our Christian education journey, I’ve become convinced of the need for a high-quality, biblically grounded, and enjoyable Christian education for my children.

I hold a first-class honours BA degree in Spanish from Queen’s University Belfast, where I graduated joint top of the year (2011). I have lived one year in Andalusia in Southern Spain, teaching Spanish in IES Jándula secondary school in Andújar.

As Christians, we have a much deeper reason to learn languages than non-Christians. We don’t just learn them in order to be able to travel, or to be more employable, or for cultural understanding. For Christians, learning languages is Kingdom work. If you can communicate well in Spanish, then you have the potential to reach 400 million more people with the gospel than you could if you just speak English. Maybe your child will find their calling on the mission field. Maybe they’ll end up working alongside lots of Spanish speakers in their workplace. Maybe they’ll simply enjoy Spanish culture for the rest of their lives. In whatever way they end up using it, introducing your child to Spanish is a great learning opportunity, and hopefully this course will mark for them the start of a lifelong love of languages.

I offer the following PX Classroom course:

Key Stage 3 Spanish

  • A two-year course of weekly sessions
  • Covers essential vocabulary, grammar, and speaking/listening skills.
  • This classroom is designed to instil a love for language learning and Spanish-speaking people groups. I would love this classroom to be the spark that ignited a fire for mission to hispanohablantes (Spanish speakers) amongst my students.