Teacher Profile

Mrs Lorna Clarke


My journey with Latin started when I was about 13 when my older brother started to teach me the basics at home. I enjoyed both the language and the culture so much that with his guidance I sat GCSEs in Latin (A) and Classical Civilisation (A*). By this time, I had formed a close bond not only with all things classical but with my fellow Latin student who is now my husband of 18 years! I moved schools at A-level to facilitate studying Latin (A) and Classical Civilisation (A) alongside History and English. I was delighted to get accepted to study Classics at Cambridge University where I took modules in Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Ancient History, Archaeology, and Greek & Latin Literature. I graduated after a very full three years with a 2.1 and a wealth of experience. Over the past number of years, I have tutored Latin privately and have taught Entry-Level Latin with a 100% success rate. I am currently teaching GCSE Latin to my son outside of his school timetable.

Christian Education is an essential for me. I attended a private Christian School from the ages of four to sixteen. My own five children attend a local Christian School. It is a privilege to know that they are immersed in Christian teaching and morals during the most influential years of their lives. For us the perceived sacrifices are more than worth the peace of mind that comes with Christian Education. I firmly believe that children who are home educated by Christian family, or by extension a Christian school, should have access to a wide range of subjects and highly qualified teachers.

Why Latin?

For many Latin is a subject as dead as dead can be! Nothing could be further from the truth. Latin has been an essential in education – Christian and secular – for the past 2,000 years. There is no doubt that standards have dropped in almost every area of our society and the axing of Latin from our schools is no exception. At the very least the study of Latin greatly enhances understanding of English language and grammar. It helps with the study of other Romance languages and perhaps most importantly it opens up a whole world of literature, history, and culture. I could wax lyrical on the benefits of applying classical modes of education in a Christian context, but it is probably best to send me a private message if you have a burning desire to find out more!

I offer the following PX Classroom courses:

KS2 Latin Taster Course

A fun introduction to Latin and Roman Britain aimed at children aged 7 to 10. The course is only eight weeks long and so runs repeatedly throughout the school year according to demand.

  • Textbook – Minimus

KS3 Beginners Latin

Latin is rooted in grammar and syntax and as such requires a systematic and accumulative approach. With this in mind, students aged eleven or above should start with an introductory course aimed at Key Stage 3 Level. No previous knowledge of the Latin language is required for this course.

  • OCR Board
  • Textbook – Cambridge Latin Course Book 1

KS3 Intermediate Latin

This course builds on the Beginners course and optionally ends in an Entry-Level Certificate (OCR).

  • OCR Board
  • Textbook – Cambridge Latin Course Book 2

GCSE Latin

This course will be available following the completion of the Entry-Level course, providing that a Level 3 is obtained (80% or above). Depending on the level of prior knowledge this would be a two- or three-year course of study, focusing initially on vocabulary and grammar then continuing on to the study of original Roman writers and Roman Literature and Culture (OCR).

  • OCR Board
  • Texts Latin to GCSE (Cullen & Taylor), Books 1 & 2
  • OCR Essential Latin (Taylor)
  • Set Texts for 2025/26
  • Virgil Aeneid 1 12-123
  • Literature & Culture
  • Myth and Religion
  • Entertainment
  • 1.30 hours teaching per week with approximately 2 hours independent study between sessions.

GCSE Classical Civilisation

Coming soon!