Teacher Profile

Dr Caragh Moore


I hold a BSc in Chemistry (first-class honours) from the University of Durham and a Secondary PGCE in Science and Maths from the Victoria University of Manchester. My PGCE took me to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where I pioneered the secondary school education of missionary and ex-pat children. During this time, I read widely in Creation Science, and then returned to Durham to complete a PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry. This research led to my being offered a post-doctoral research position at the University of Cambridge. But, having just married, I chose rather to teach A-Level Chemistry part-time in a Cambridge tutorial college.

Since then I have been blessed with six children, and my work has been mostly as a wife and a home-educating mother. Over those years I continued to tutor Science, Maths, and Music to both State- and home-educated children, both privately and as part of the various home-education co-operatives we have helped run. Teaching my own children at home and working together in co-operatives have greatly developed my thinking about teaching science from a Christian perspective.

I am an enthusiastic teacher and simply love Chemistry! I also enjoy finding new ways of explaining difficult concepts to students. I aim for my lessons to be relaxed and responsive to the students’ needs. I passionately believe that understanding a subject is the key to both enjoying and mastering it. My approach to teaching Chemistry is to ensure good foundational knowledge and to encourage the student to think their way through a problem rather than learning any particular set method. Using this approach, I have had success in achieving high grades with a range of students, even those who thought they had little aptitude for the subject.

With the advent of Zoom I experimented with teaching home-educated children online and found it to be both great fun and remarkably effective. I realised this was a way to help many more families, including those on the mission-field. I have developed a course which works well over Zoom, which aims to teach the GCSE and A-Level courses in a way that glorifies our Lord as Creator, and enthuses us, His subjects, in our exciting role as stewards of the resources He has given. This is the primary aim of my course, but, of the three sciences, Chemistry is also perhaps our best ally in busting the mythology around evolution and false views of origins (especially abiogenesis).

I am therefore keen that every child should study at least some Chemistry. I am also mindful of those who will take Chemistry to a higher level, and I seek to prepare such students for the challenges ahead both academically and in the area of Christian apologetics.

My two-year IGCSE course has been running successfully for a number of years now. I also offer a KS3 Science course for younger students with little background in science, as well as AS-Level and A-Level Chemistry.

I offer the following PX Classroom courses:

Key Stage 3 Chemistry

IGCSE Chemistry

AS-Level Chemistry

  • AQA & Edexcel International Specifications.

A-Level Chemistry

  • AQA & Edexcel International Specifications.



Dr Moore makes learning fun. Whenever she talks about science, she bubbles over with enthusiasm. It makes me excited about God and science too!

Isla F.

Aged 8

Dr Moore makes complex subjects a fun challenge. It is very clear that she really enjoys Chemistry and the God who created it, and that she wants everyone else to enjoy them too!

The IGCSE Chemistry PX Classrooms are fun. I have learned so much more than I expected from asking questions and listening to other students during discussions. This has been a brilliant way to learn Chemistry! Thank you!

Jake F.

Aged 12

Dr. Moore has inspired me this past year! I have really enjoyed her teaching and have loved doing the experiments she set us.

Sarah-Grace F.

Aged 12

The PX Classrooms IGCSE Chemistry course has inspired me to go further with Chemistry. The structured online lessons have taught me a lot, and I love doing the practicals at home with Mum. I’m fascinated with the various chemical reactions, and they help me remember the lessons I’ve learnt.

Isaac B.

Aged 13

These classes have been extremely helpful for me. Chemistry is now my favourite subject thanks to Dr Moore’s brilliant teaching, as well as her ability to explain things that would have been way over my head if I had just read the Chemistry GCSE textbook. The knowledge Dr Moore imparted helped me to win first place in a science fair at my Classical Conversations Homeschool Co-op. Thank you!

Noah M.

Aged 13, USA

I have really enjoyed learning IGCSE Chemistry with Dr Moore. I started out with very little to practically no knowledge of Chemistry. But thanks to Dr Moore my knowledge has increased greatly, and this knowledge of Chemistry will be something I will treasure for a lifetime. It is something that has enriched my life, and this was through the help of Dr Moore. She teaches it in such a friendly, encouraging, and biblical way. All I can say is, ‘Thank you, Caragh, for being the vessel used to bless my life with Chemistry!’

Eveyln G.

Aged 15

PX Chemistry this year has been fun with Dr Moore because she is so enthusiastic about her subject and also explains new concepts so well.

Lydia F.

Aged 15

I have been in Dr Moore’s PX Classroom IGCSE Chemistry course for two years and have just completed the exams, and am feeling quite good about it! It was a great PX Classroom to be in. The teaching was very clear and accessible and I benefitted from it greatly. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Moore to any home educators, even those with the most basic grip on Chemistry.

Matteo P.

Aged 16

Dr Moore is an amazing teacher. She is so patient when you lack understanding, and she is well versed in exam technique and what is on the syllabus. I have had no teacher who explains the subject better than Dr Moore. She makes it interesting and enjoyable. She is one of the main reasons why I enjoy studying at degree level today.

Matthew A.

Former GCSE & A-Level student of Dr Moore's, now at Queen's University Belfast