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Our strategy at Paideia Christou (PX), is to build a team of subject-matter experts, committed to Christian education, and to make available online, interactive, PX Classrooms for as many subjects as possible, all timetabled so as to keep clashes to a minimum and enable as many subjects as desirable to be taken within any given school year.

We also pursue flexibility so that any child is free to take any subject at any age, and as many subjects at a time as is deemed appropriate. We have seen children as young as eleven to thirteen achieve A* (or 9) at GCSE in this way, and it also enables home-educated children to do, say, three GCSEs a year over several years as a way of spreading the workload, and, often more significantly, easing the budget.

We also focus on exam technique. While the core subject is our real joy, it remains a harsh fact that, in the world of modern exams, a home-educated child can have mastered a subject to a highly impressive degree but still do badly in exams if exam technique has not been addressed and taken seriously. Furthermore, examination boards do vary in their approaches to assessment and marking, and so our teachers make appropriate use of past papers and mark schemes to ensure that students will know what the examiner had in mind in setting a particular question (sometimes quite an art in itself!). So learning to jump through the hoops of a nationally recognised exam can, in its own way, be part of that training that makes for usefulness in society.

For further information on the way we work, see our FAQs.

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