KS3 Marine Biology – Term 1


£5.00 per 40min lesson (£7.50 per hour). Term one of three of a one-year course.

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Important Note

This PX Classroom will only take place if a sufficient number of students reserve a place. To reserve a place, submit your order for this course as if you were going to buy it, but select ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ (not card payment) and only transfer the money much later once the Teacher has confirmed to you that the course will indeed take place. If the course does not run, there will be nothing to pay and your order will simply be cancelled. (Do not create a new order in order to pay, as that will purchase a second place on the course!).

Course Overview

This course is designed to be fun and informative, and to stretch the students’ knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, all things biological and marine. It is designed to complement KS3 Biology and be a precursor to the PX Classroom IGCSE Biology course. As such, it is taught with the assumption that KS3 Biology has already been covered (e.g. the PX Classroom KS3 Biology course).

Course Method

The lessons consist of PowerPoint presentations with video clips, diagrams, and more. Students will be encouraged to take part by answering questions and taking part in discussions. Some homework will be set in the form of simple research or investigation assignments. There will be quizzes rather than tests.

Course Details

Term 1 focuses on Marine Wildlife, taking a look at each biological kingdom and some of the marine creatures from each, ranging from the well known to more unusual specimens. We will look at some of the basic anatomy, survival strategies, feeding habits, and life cycles.

Term 1 comprises 14 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.

This PX Classroom is held on Mondays at 1pm (London time zone), starting from Monday, 2nd September 2024. There will be no lesson on 28th October (TBC) due to the half-term break. The last lesson is due to be on 9th December 2024.

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