Key Stage 3 History (post-1600) – Term 2


£5.00 per 50min lesson (£6.00 per hour). Term two of three of a one-year course.

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Course Overview

The course covers the following topics (c.1600-1975):

  • The causes and consequences of the British Civil Wars and Interregnum of the mid-seventeenth century
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The causes and consequences of social and political reform in the early to mid-nineteenth century
  • International relations in the twentieth century focused particularly on the causes and impacts of World Wars I and II

This is a one-year course and is designed to prepare students for GCSE History. For students who have not previously done the PX Classroom KS3 History (pre-1600) course, it is desirable that they have some knowledge of aspects of that period of British history, but this is not essential.

Course Method

Classes involve discussions on issues related to the content covered the previous week and an introduction to the topic to be covered in homework during the following week, directed particularly at developing key conceptual understandings.

The aim is to create a relaxed but purposeful atmosphere in which students feel free to ask questions and to share ideas with each other.

Short homework tasks are set with optional extra tasks for those who wish to dig deeper. Students can either purchase a KS3 History textbook or use online resources to complete homework tasks.

If notice is given in advance of a lesson that a student will not be able to attend, a video recording will be made (with only the teacher visible), to be temporarily available after the lesson.

Course Details

Term 2 covers the Industrial Revolution, the causes and consequences of social and political reform in Britain in the early to mid-nineteenth century, and international relations, 1870-1914. It comprises 13 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

This PX Classroom is held on Thursdays at 11.30am (London time zone), starting on Thursday, 9th January 2025. There will be no lesson during the half-term week which commences 17th February. The last lesson is due to be on 10th April 2025.

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