KS2 Kitchen Science – Term 3


£5.00 per 40min lesson (£7.50 per hour). Term three of three of a one-year course.

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Course Overview

This PX Classroom is a fun introduction to hands-on Science pitched at KS2 children aged 7 and up, but KS3 children are welcome too, if they wish. In all cases adult supervision is required. Each lesson involves a practical activity to explore a scientific principle from any sphere of Science, and to develop the investigative skills which undergird the scientific method. Some simple explanation is given to provide context. This is a fun, hands-on, activity-based Classroom which aims to inspire students to wonder at, question, and explore the world around them. It constitutes excellent preparation for the Key Stage 3 PX Classrooms in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Course Method

Prior to each lesson an email is sent out with a lesson plan, a worksheet or diagram (where appropriate), and details of any equipment and materials which need to be assembled in advance (these are usually already found in the average British household, or, if not, can be sourced very easily and inexpensively).

On the day, the student logs in with equipment ready and an adult present (in the background if preferred) to supervise or help (if needed). After a brief introduction we will carry out our experiment together and discuss our results. Ideas will be given for further experiments which the students can do in their own time.

For the avoidance of doubt, the experiments do not necessarily have to be carried out in the kitchen! Any room with sufficient space and tolerance for experiments involving things like water and candles will do.

Course Details

Term 3 comprises 2 monthly lessons. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.

This PX Classroom is held on the first Wednesday of the month at 12pm (London time zone), starting on Wednesday, 7th May 2025 and ending on 4th June 2025.

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