Key Stage 3 Mathematics Review & Consolidation – Term 2 (2024)


£8.00 per 40min lesson (£12.00 per hour). Term two of two of a half-year course.

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Important Note

Please do not purchase this course until, upon completion of the PX Maths Skills Check, you have received confirmation of suitability from the Teacher. That is a course prerequisite. See below for further explanation.

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare students for starting the PX Classroom IGCSE Mathematics course due to start in September 2024. It is intended for those who are already familiar with the KS3 material. The course ensures that KS3 learning is secure and provides a solid foundation for IGCSE studies. To make progress when studying IGCSE Mathematics and to ensure good performance in the IGCSE exams, it is essential to start from a secure foundation in all topic areas.

Course Method

It is a requirement that, before this course is purchased, the student must have already demonstrated by means of the PX Maths Skills Check that they are already working at an appropriate level in Mathematics to be able to benefit from the Classroom. The PX Maths Skills Check is further explained and available for purchase here. This pre-course assessment also ensures that any areas of weakness can be targeted during the weekly Classroom lessons.

Students will also need a scientific calculator and their own copy of Key Stage 3 Mathematics Higher Level complete Revision & Practice published by CGP (ISBN 9781841463834).

Homework tasks will be set each week, which are self-marked. Topic tests are completed every four to six weeks, and a final assessment is taken at the end of the course, all of which are marked by the Teacher.

Two days after each lesson there is an optional Drop-In Workshop session to provide extra help to those who would like it. There is no extra charge for this workshop.

The lessons are temporarily recorded on video and can be made available to students who miss the lesson due to sickness, provided the teacher is informed before the lesson. Please note that, for an improved learning experience, students are asked to turn their cameras on during the lesson. If there are reasons why this would not be appropriate, please contact the Teacher directly.

Course Details

Term 2 covers Shape and Data. It comprises 12 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.

This PX Classroom is held on Mondays at 12 noon (London time zone) starting from Monday 15th April 2024. There will be no lessons on 6th or 27th May due to the Bank Holidays. The last lesson is on 15th July.

The optional Drop-In Workshop runs on the Wednesday following the Monday lesson from 9am to 9.30am.

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