Key Stage 3 Biology- Term 3 (Overflow)


£5.00 per 40min lesson (£7.50 per hour). Term three of three of a one-year course.

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Important Note This PX Classroom was created as the first one sold out (PX-Bio-SJ-001.3). It is identical in substance but at a different time.

Course Overview

This course covers the content of the Biology component of KS3 Science. This is a one-year course and does not require any prior knowledge. This is ideal preparation for either the PX Classroom Biology IGCSE course or for the PX Classroom Human Biology course.

Course Method

The lessons consist of a mixture of discussion, slides, short-clip videos, diagrams (if needed these are distributed beforehand and need to be printed out), and quizzes. I encourage the students to participate in discussions and in answering questions either via the chat or in discussion. I set homework. This is often a practical activity or some simple research around the history of an idea. The homework is optional but enhances the value of the course. A video recording is made of each lesson and upon request can be made temporarily available to a student who missed the lesson.

Course Details

Term 3 comprises 7 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes. This PX Classroom is held on Thursdays at 1.00pm (London time zone), starting from Thursday 25th April 2024. There will be no lesson on Thursday 30th May due to half term. The last lesson is due to be on 13th June 2024.

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