Key Stage 2 Latin Taster Course (Autumn)


£5.00 per 40min lesson (£7.50 per hour). A one-term, standalone course.

Sorry. No more places left. To join the waiting list, please email the Teacher. A growing waiting list might result in another Classroom.

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Important Note

This PX Classroom will only take place if a sufficient number of students reserve a place. To reserve a place, submit your order for this course as if you were going to buy it, but select ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ (not card payment) and only transfer the money much later once the Teacher has confirmed to you that the course will indeed take place (Do not create a new order in order to pay as that will purchase a second place on the course!). If the course does not run, there will be nothing to pay and your order will simply be cancelled.

Course Overview

This course is a very basic but fun introduction to Latin aimed at children aged 7-10. Meet Minimus Mouse and a family who live in Roman Britain! No prior knowledge of Latin is required.

Course Method

This course uses Minimus as a textbook, a copy of which should be purchased before the course starts (ISBN 9780521659604). The course aims to whet the appetite for language learning and to open a door into life in Britain during the Roman occupation.

This class is held on Zoom and makes use of Google Classroom as a learning platform.

Course Details

This course comprises 8 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.

This PX Classroom is held on Wednesdays at 1.30pm (London time zone) starting from Wednesday 4th September 2024. The last lesson is due to be on 23rd October 2024.

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