Introduction to Classical Music


£6.00 per 30min lesson (£12.00 per hour). A standalone, one-term course.

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Course Overview

This one-term, stand-alone course is an introduction to classical music with a focus on listening to a range of great works. It will be appreciated by those who already play an instrument as well as those who currently have no knowledge of classical music. It should be accessible to students of both KS3 and KS4 (GCSE years). Some notation and basic music theory is taught, as a means of understanding and appreciating music more fully. Music history will include learning how Christianity has shaped Western classical music and given the world a great gift. The course provides an excellent foundation for the year-long PX Music Classroom ‘Enriched ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5’, as well as opening the door to a life-long love of classical music.

Course Method

No text books are required for this course. It is helpful, but not essential, to have access to Spotify for the optional listening homework (Spotify can be used without charge via the web browser of the family computer and does not necessarily require a subscription payment or the mobile app).

Students should have a notebook handy for lessons, which they can use to jot down informal notes for use during the lesson.

Lessons are interactive with students being encouraged to participate.

Course Details

This course comprises 10 weekly lessons. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes.

This PX classroom is held on Tuesdays at 9am (London time zone) starting from Tuesday 16th April, 2024. There will be no lesson on 28th May due to half term. The last lesson is due to be on Tuesday 25th June, 2024.

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