IGCSE Biology (Track 2) – Term 2


£8.00 per 1hr 20min lesson (£6.00 per hour). Term two of three of one of two Tracks required for IGCSE.

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Course Overview

This course covers one half of the content for the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course in one year. It is taught with the assumption that KS3 Science or equivalent knowledge has already been attained.

To cover the IGCSE content in two years Tracks 1 and 2 should both be taken, but it does not matter in which order.

To cover the IGCSE content in just one year Track 1 can also be studied alongside Track 2 in parallel.

Course Method

Class content follows the content of the current Pearson Student book (ISBN 9780435185084). Class notes will be available to all students after each lesson.

For homework students are then expected to keep up their own notebook based on what they have learned in class, on the teacher’s notes, and on the textbook. Guidance will be given as to how to do this. Along the way, where feasible, students will be encouraged to try out optional practical assignments which will be demonstrated in class.

End of unit tests will be set. A video recording is made of each lesson (with only the teacher visible) and upon request it can be made temporarily available to a student who missed the lesson.

Course Details

Term 2 covers Microorganisms, Genetic Modification, and aspects of Plant Physiology. It comprises 13 weekly lessons. Each lesson comprises two 40-minute sessions with a short break in between.

This PX Classroom is held on Mondays at 9am (London time zone), starting from Monday, 6th January 2025. There will be no lesson during the half-term week which commences 10th February. The last lesson is due to be on 7th April 2025.

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