Functional Skills Level 1 Maths Quiz


£5.00 is a one-off, non-refundable charge for supplying, marking, and giving feedback on the assessment.

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Important Note

The PX Maths Quiz is not a Classroom or course of lessons but a required preliminary test that must be completed and returned to the Teacher for feedback prior to purchasing and entering the PX Functional Skills Level 1 Mathematics Classroom.

Product Overview

The PX Maths Quiz is designed to be taken before enrolling on the PX Functional Skills Level 1 Mathematics Classroom.  The answers will be used to make sure the course is taught in a way which helps everyone.

Product Guidelines

After purchasing and immediately downloading this product as a PDF file, it should be printed out for a timed and controlled assessment. Students should complete the assessment without a calculator or any external assistance. Once completed, the time taken should be added to the front page and a scanned copy of the assessment returned to the Teacher by email as a single PDF file.

After the completed Quiz has been submitted to the Teacher, the Teacher will mark it and then give the student feedback on what the assessment has revealed. This will include whether or not the PX Functional Skills Level 1 Mathematics Classroom would be suitable for the student. This confirmation of suitability from the Teacher is a prerequisite of a place in the PX Classroom. This is to ensure that each student, as well as the class as a whole, benefits from the course.

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