AS-Level Biology – Term 2


£12.00 per 1hr and 20min lesson (£9.00 per hour). Term two of three of a one-year course.

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Important Note

This PX Classroom will only take place if a sufficient number of students reserve a place. To reserve a place, submit your order for this course as if you were going to buy it, but select ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ (not card payment) and only transfer the money much later once the Teacher has confirmed to you that the course will indeed take place. If the course does not run, there will be nothing to pay and your order will simply be cancelled. (Do not create a new order in order to pay, as that will purchase a second place on the course!).

Course Overview

This course covers the content for the AQA Specification in Biology. It is a one-year course and assumes that GCSE-level Biology has already been achieved. It can be a stand-alone qualification or can be taken as the first of two years in the PX A-Level Biology Classroom.

At AS-Level, the assessment of practical skills is by written exams only. At A2-Level, a separate practical endorsement can be taken. This is advisable if the student wishes to study Science at university.

The International A-Level offered by Edexcel has basically the same content but no practical assessment. This course’s content fits the Edexcel option if university Science is not a goal.

Course Method

The lessons are taught using PowerPoint presentations. Notes and diagrams to fill in are distributed prior to lessons where appropriate. Homework is set from the current AQA Biology AS-Level student book (ISBN 9780198351764) which must be purchased. Homework is self-marked. Tests compiled from past-papers are set at the end of each topic and are marked by the Teacher.

Course Details

Term 2 covers Organisms exchange Substances with their Environment and Genetics.

Term 2 comprises 26 weekly lessons (two per week for 13 weeks). Each lesson comprises two 40-minute sessions with a short break in between.

This PX Classroom is held on Mondays at 11am and on Wednesdays at 2pm (London time zone), starting from Monday, 6th January 2025. There will be no lessons the week commencing 10th February (TBC) due to the half-term break. The last lesson is due to be on 9th April 2025.

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